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Out of the Garage and into the Neighborhood

Out of the Garage and into the Neighborhood

August 14, 2019

“We have the entire equation backwards.” -Dr. Josh Packard, Sociologist

What if we are approaching community all wrong? And our backwards approach could be creating more loneliness than connection?

In episode 1 of Weld Found we have an inciting conversation with Dr. Packard about belonging in this age of social isolation. You’ll be surprised by what you hear and come away with new approaches to living in community. 

Also, you’ll hear a segment from city of Greeley Mayor, John Gates.

The Opening Story

The Opening Story

June 20, 2019

When I was 9, I got locked in our garage.
This five minute story tells how I got out and compares this experience to where we are in today's culture: living in an age of social isolation and disconnection.

How do we get out of the garage and begin to belong in community?