Weld Found Podcast

Thresholds (episode 2)

September 6, 2022

Two thresholds: a region on the verge of drastic growth and an artist beginning his large-scale installation...

On today's show we have conversations with
Benjamin Snow (Department of Economic Health & Housing for Greeley, Colorado)
and Wes Bruce with Lucy Coons (presenting a walk-through of the art installation at LINC)


This is the second episode of "Where Water Flows Uphill", a special series that is asking, In the coming flood of change, who do we want to be? 

Produced by Weld Found, we follow Wes Bruce as he is creating a large-scale, interactive art installation at the LINC (Library and Innovation Center in downtown Greeley, CO). His work in the heart of the LINC is inspired by the 100 acres around the Poudre River called Signature Bluffs. 

This show is made possible by the Weld Community Foundation, who encourages us to spread the good

Special thanks to the High Plains Library District and NOCO Optimist for extra help with production. 


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